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According to a recent global survey of over 1,500 CEOs by PwC, businesses are faced with a skills gap that they can’t hire their way out of at a price they can pay. They know they must invest in upskilling their workforce or risk irrelevance. Additionally, a recent Work Trend Index Survey found employees are at an inflection point with 41% of employees considering leaving their companies this year, and 46% saying they are likely to move because they can work remotely.

The question then becomes how do you best upskill your workforce as a way to re-engage and retain…

Explore how the 70/20/10 design has evolved

If your organization is like most, your workforce landscape has been changing in recent years. There are probably many leaders in your organization who are seeking to upskill your workers’ capabilities to match a rapidly changing workplace environment. The specific capabilities your leaders have identified might be different from other organizations and industries, but they can probably be categorized into:

  • Subject matter expertise (i.e., how to use specific software)
  • Managerial (i.e., how to provide effective feedback)
  • Executive (i.e., how to think strategically)

Yet regardless of the specific capabilities needed, your organization still needs to know how to effectively upskill your…

How do you use analytics to drive your learning design?

When we designed the learning experiences of our Qstream pilots at Providence, we knew the benefits could be viewed from several perspectives. From a business perspective, it slashed implementation costs by cutting the training time in half; from a learner perspective, workers told us it was fun to take and that they enjoyed learning in short bursts- this allowed them to quickly get on with their day.

But what I want to share with you here is a third perspective- an instructional design perspective. The learning design team found something new that we didn’t consider before- we could use real-time…

You Finished a Course- Now What?

Aiden has begun working from home and just completed an eLearning course called Working in a Virtual Office. The course was 20 minutes long and covered topics like ergonomics, login protocols, virtual meetings, and self-care. From a company point of view, his course completion “checks the box” that he’s met the baseline requirements of knowing how to work from home.

But is that all there is? A 20-minute online course and we can assume Aiden successfully knows how to work in his virtual home office? …

Adding an Augmented Reality layer enhances what a PDF can do

Skyler’s office just implemented new cleaning recommendations due to COVID-19. Although he got the email about it last week, that doesn’t do him any good at this moment- He just spilled his coffee in the break room and wants to clean it up.

Janet Backes and Leonard Gilliard in a virtual Teams meeting

Two facilitators at Providence St. Joseph Health, Janet Backes and Leonard Gilliard, used to travel across 7 states to provide in-person training to 120,000 caregivers. Then COVID-19 shut down in-person training- but it didn’t shut down the need for training. Training still needed to happen- but how?

Many people have said, “Let’s just do what we did in person- but now do it virtually.” But doing that will always lead to a worse outcome.

To be successful, virtual training needs to be designed and developed to leverage the best experiences that virtual platforms deliver.

Led by future-focused leadership, Providence launched…

Don’t be seen as Ferris Bueller’s teacher when you lead your next virtual meeting

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that no one in your virtual meeting/training is paying attention to you? You ask a question and you get a Zoom/Hangouts/Teams version of this:

For your participants’ sake, I hope that your virtual facilitation skills are better than his. However, if you’re a great virtual meeting facilitator, or even just a decent one, I bet there have been times you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get people to participate in your online meeting.

Often there’s just the sound of silence when you ask a question.

What can you do? Here are a few techniques…

For less money and time than a nice dinner, you can level up your game

How do you show up in virtual meetings?

Mario joined his fifth virtual meeting of the day. Working from home, like everyone else on his team, was part of the “new normal” in response to COVID-19. Most everyone attended meetings like he did — by keeping his webcam OFF.

The Benefits of Closed Webcams

For Mario, virtual working meant that he could do and get away with a lot of things that he never could if the meeting was held IRL (In Real Life).

  • Not shower or do his hair
  • Wear whatever clothes he wants (today is Star…

What would you do if you were challenged at work to do a seemingly impossible task?

For many organizations, COVID-19 has turned this hypothetical question into a reality. Can you think of some things that your organization has done in recent weeks that were “impossible” a few months ago?

Here’s my story

On March 20, 2020, Darci Hall, Chief Learning Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, was given one of these impossible tasks from the executive council:

All newly hired caregivers must complete their orientation virtually, rather than in-person, due to new social distancing guidelines.

This was no small mandate. Providence was preparing…

Well… it’s working because you’re reading it :) Check out the titles that didn’t make the cut.

I had an idea for an article I wanted to share- then it changed into what you’re reading right now. My original idea didn’t have the legs I wanted it to have, so I figured it would be more valuable to share my process of working with an idea until it’s worth sharing.

My Bright Idea (But It Wasn’t)

This is where I started. I just earned my first money via Medium. It was $0.91. I thought it would be cool to share this story and add a pun to it. Here’s my first title…

I Made Change by Making Change ($0.91 to Be Exact)

  • I…

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